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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Relative dies overseas

Instructions and Help about Relative dies overseas

Now the time here is to connect to business and immigration law update this is a presentation of attorney and counselor at law mr. Ramesh Khurana attorney Khurana is the chief attorney at the Khurana law firm located in the heart of Gaithersburg Maryland the moderator on this set is attorney Kenneth Hebert from Boyd's Maryland attorney Hebert questions attorney Khurana about the death of a petitioner humanitarian of a family based petition let's have a look welcome my name is Kenneth Hebert I'm a former assistant United States attorney and I'm a former senior attorney in the Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human Services with me today is ramesh Khurana welcome Ramesh thank you again Ramesh is a very renowned immigration attorney who's helped people across the world with their problems immigration issues here in the United States and he's here to answer some of our questions on the capital forum welcome again Ramesh thank you for your kind words Ken if they're all true they're all true I can ask you a little bit you know on the other side of the world you know or your wife what happens when a person dies and they've got a petition pending what happens to that petition normally this is a very unfortunate situation because sometimes when the petitioners filed a petition for their loved ones and his loved one who are the beneficiaries of this petition they are to wait for many many years sometimes ranging between 5 years to 10 12 years depending upon whether they are siblings are their sons and daughters married a single so it's a very unfortunate situation but the good news is that there is a provision which is based just on the humanitarian ground and when we are talking about humanitarian ground this is a very sound discretion which is rested with the USCIS to exercise their discretion the authority when we say says sound discretion so they have to basically consider pros and cons like what are the favorable factors and what are the unfavorable factors so based on that that decision will be made so I take it that that the different scenarios of factors will play out and it becomes the decision of the official in charge of the case that makes that decision that's very - but one thing has to be remembered that loss has forth that D the petitioner of a petition dies that petition is revoked from the date of the death of the petitioners but you know in in such a situation this fact doesn't come to the notice of the USCIS so you have got to be proactive and you can take certain steps to inform USCIS and at the same time you can make a request under the humanitarian ground before the petition gets revoked as I said otherwise petition will be revoked from the date the padishah dies if you imagine that you're.

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