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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Death of us citizen in india

Instructions and Help about Death of us citizen in india

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally we're going to talk about the situation based on this memo that came in in November 18 2022 approval of a spouse immediate relative visa and the section 204 L of the immigration Nationality Act after the death of a US citizen petitioner this memo clarifies something which has always been a little bit tricky what happens if you marry it with citizen and unfortunately your spouse the US citizen spouse dies within two years of the marriage and based on any lawsuit that happen in a and an appeal that happens and the USCIS is the case is Williams versus DHS secretary they they say now that the i-130 that you filed will still be good under the section to 204 L that means basically before what happens when you become a video you had to convert that form to an I 360 and then file to get your green card but in this case they're saying no they don't have you don't have to do that because you you don't qualify under that and in this case that dimension Williams versus DHS they were saying that that person didn't qualify as a widower because that person got married after just after the the US citizen spouse died but ultimately now this is not going to be the law it has not been been with the kids now since November 2022 that person will still be able to address status that means using the i-130 petition which was filed with the i-45 that person will still be able to to meet the requirements to adjust status and get a green card of course they have to meet the requirements of marriage was bona fide that's when a five means it was a genuine marriage but at the end of the day you will still be able to to use this and this was the memo came from a case which came which is on the Eleventh Circuit although we are in California but because of this memo now the person who they will allow people to adjust status under the the section to 4l which will need not necessary the I 360 that means you don't have to go to the same position as Valois in order to get you your green card so if in case unfortunately your spouse dies within the two years of the marriage you can still get your green card and I'll put I'll upload this memo on the link on our website hopefully it will it will help a lot of people who are suffering because once you lose your spouse it becomes very difficult already and adding to that that if the immigration doesn't give you your green card things can get really bitter but now with this new memo hopefully which is revised things are going to get better for for whoo-hoo unfortunately suffer from the death of their spouse so.


What are the best ways to fight corruption in India?
The answer lies squarely in this matrix, first explained by 1976 Economics Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman in his famous best-seller "Free To Choose": Let us investigate this matrix, row-wise. 1st square represents you spending your own money on yourself. Here yourself encompasses your family and those who you hold very dear. So when you spend your own money on yourself, you tend to spend the least possible and try to gain the maximum value. Of course a rich person will spend more than a poor person, but he will also demand more value for whatever amount he spends. If he wants to buy a private jet, he won't simply buy the 1st one he finds and whatever price. He will shop around, check the specs, negotiate etc. and then buy. This quadrant is the best case possible. On the top row, to the right, the 2nd square deals with you spending your money on someone else. Let us say you are buying sweets to distribute among your office staff, most of whom you barely know. Certainly for your close friends you would buy excellent quality sweets, but for the rest? You would probably buy some decent sweets without burning a hole in your pocket. You wouldn't spend hours hunting for the best quality sweets for the same price. Any decent quality is going to be fine. The 3rd square(first on the bottom row) talks about you spending someone else's money on yourself. The best example would be the food allowance employees get when they are working overtime or travelling on company's business. Usually the company sets a limit, say Rs. 500 per meal. You will be reimbursed maximum that much amount when you submit the bills. If you eat for less than Rs. 500, you don't get the balance amount refunded to you. In such a case, pretty much everybody will try to spend around 500 Rs. Even if normally you spend say 100 Rs. on a meal, now you will ensure you go to a high-class restaurant where you can get 500 Rs. worth of food and service. In this case, you don't economize i.e. you don't try to save money. But you do go to the best possible restaurant you can. After all you are going to eat that food, so you are likely to search for the best restaurants in that expense range. You wouldn't go to a crappy restaurant and waste Rs. 500, even though that Rs. 500 is being borne by the company. And now finally the 4th square. It is coloured red because it is the worst possible scenario. This is the domain of bureaucrats and politicians. They get their money through taxes. Taxes are forced. You can't choose to not pay your taxes just because you are unhappy with the Govt.'s handling of various schemes. If you don't pay your taxes, you will be tortured in jails and your whole career and life will be ruined. So whether the bureaucrats and politicians are good or bad, they can force you to pay them with the threat of violence. Knowing that the money they spend is not theirs and the people they spend it on (i.e. the general public) are not related to them, they simply don't care. After all, which mad man would visit the same restaurant again and again if it serves filthy food? Wouldn't people stop going and won't it shut down? But if the restaurant was owned by some gundas who have threatened to kill you if you don't come often, then you will patronize that restaurant out of fear. The exact same is the case with bureaucrats and politicians. Our grandparents, our parents and we are suffering for decades under a system that has failed over and over again. Yet we fund them relentlessly with our taxpayer's money. And this will continue to our children and their children unless we change things. Think of the highly-educated IAS officer who has to do some work for a village. He is allotted say Rs. 10 crores by the Govt. to do the work. The money he spends is not his. He gains nothing except maybe a small bonus if he finds the cheapest but best contractor to do the job. The benefits of the work are reaped by some strangers not related to him. Neither he nor his family has any connection to that village, let alone live in that village. So why should he go to great lengths to economize and save money? Why should he go to great lengths to ensure the best quality of work is done? And mind you, I haven't even touched upon the topic of the IAS officer stealing those funds or doing anything illegal. That would be even worse.What he spends is not his. And what he saves is not his either. What if the same IAS officer is building his own house. Let us say he has about 1 crores of his savings to spend on it. Do you think he will so callously spend his own money? Do you think he will buy the land at whatever price is quoted to him? Won't he first survey and study the land? Won't he then engage the services of a reputed contractor who uses good quality materials? At every stage, won't he shop around and negotiate? Won't he go to people and websites,  and get information from them? So why the stark difference? Why this selfishness towards what is your own and complete apathy to what is not yours? Would you have done better? Are you also that selfish? Here is a small test : Imagine you have to send your 2 children to school. You and your spouse are working full-time and you can afford to spend 5000 Rs per child per month. So that's Rs. 10,000 per month in total you have budgeted for your kids' education. You have a choice : Send your 2 children to a good private school for Rs 10K per month OR send your 2 children and 8 other very poor unrelated children to a Govt. school for Rs. 1000 per month. Remember that you are playing with your children's whole future. If they drop-out of school, they will never go to college. So are you still ready to sacrifice your own children's future in order to help 8 other children who otherwise would have no schooling at all? But you say how about I send my 2 kids to this good private school for Rs.10K and additionally send the other 8 poor children to Govt. school for 1000 Rs each? But here too, you have shown amazing selfishness and partiality! Clearly you value your own kids much more since you are OK with those 8 children getting lousy education at {�ء. school , but not your own! You care so much more for your kids than others' kids! And what if you say "Maybe when I have 10 times more money, I will send all of them to the good private school". Ok let me increase your salary 10-fold. Now you have Rs. 100,000 per month to spend on education. Will you still send your children to that same private school or will you now try to send them to an even better International school? Or save that money so you can send your own kids abroad for higher education? Think carefully and honestly! Wealth and poverty are relative! You can grow as rich as you want but you will never sacrifice your own children's future to ensure other childrens' futures. But this was just one example. All of us reading this are rich enough to afford cars. But would we decide to buy a bike instead and distribute the rest among poor strangers so they could have bikes too? Would we buy a good house in a nice locality for ourselves or would we instead buy 3 more poor families low-cost houses and ourselves also a low-cost house? And if you think this selfishness is because it is your money, would you have done differently if you won a lottery?  But then if we all are so selfish, what is the way out? Are the people in corruption-free countries altruistic and unselfish? No! Instead they have utilized their selfishness to benefit not just themselves but the society as a whole yet while having very low corruption? By what mechanism is this possible? In short, how can we, being selfish Indians, end corruption in India?! Dr. Milton Friedman The answer to this can be found by watching Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" documentary series or reading his book of the same name. The book and the documentary were made in the 1980s, a time when there was regulation, stagnation and corruption even in the Western world, not to mention the Communist countries and our very own socialist India. But his crusade against them brought about a revolution not just in the Western world, but also led to the downfall of Communism  and Dr. Manmohan Singh to implement the reforms. We would still be stuck in ration lines and waiting years for our telephone lines and our scooters if it wasn't for him and his philosophy. We owe a huge debt to this man! If you are truly interested in learning the answer and ending corruption, you owe it to yourself to watch his documentary series. Just watch the 1st episode and you will get your answer from this intellectual powerhouse who changed our lives forever.Please upvote and share this post if you feel this is truly insightful. 
What is wrong with India?
Let me introduce you to The Nile Brothers.They are YouTube vloggers from Germany, who like exploring India and Indian food.Now, let me tell you about a guy named Vikray.He is a 23 year old Shoeshiner from Rajasthan. He came to Mumbai spending all the money his family had, with the goal of earning money to send his sisters (aged 8 and 12 years) to school so that they do not face the same predicament he is facing now.One day The Nile Brothers met Vikray. Vikray asked them if he could polish their shoes, but they denied as they were running out of time. Vikray carried on with his day without heeding much thought.The next day, the brothers met him again. They tried to talk to him about his family and everything (Vikray had learned English by speaking to several people he met in Mumbai). After getting to know about him and his situation, they felt sorry for him.The next day, they asked him about his earnings.Vikray : I earn Rs.100/- per day, on an average. Since I don't have a Shoeshiner box/kit which every Shoeshiner has, people wouldn't accept that I am a Shoeshiner. So, no one comes to me for getting their shoe polished. If I could get a Shoeshiner kit, I can earn Rs.600-700/- everyday.Nile Brothers : How much will that kit cost?Vikray : Rs.1500/-Nile Brothers : Can you afford it?Vikray : No, I cannot.They felt very sad and became emotional.Next day:The Brothers decided to help him. Initially they thought of taking him to a big restaurant and giving him a proper dinner. But later they thought that it will only make him momentarily happy and it won’t help him improve his condition in anyway. Finally, they decided that they wanted to help him earn money which will help him in the long run. Thus, they wanted to gift him a shoeshiner kit as it will help him, his family, and he can send his sisters to school too. It'll change his whole life forever.And so finally they bought a kit and surprised him.His face was completely filled with joy and happiness.At last they gave him a hug, explained what made them do this and gave him a few suggestions.They gave him some money and told him to have a good dinner and enjoy the day.And FAREWELL.Look at how good the brothers are and the really amazing work they did.But you should know what they got in return.One day they were traveling in an auto rickshaw and the ride cost Rs.80. When they reached their destination they gave the auto driver Rs.100. The auto driver, instead of giving them their balance of Rs.20, demanded Rs.60 more. He told them that the ride was Rs.80 per person.They knew that they were being fooled but they still had to pay.This happened to them only because they were “FIRANGIS” (Foreigners).They soon faced a similar incident again when they went to a street food shop for having masala dosa.Everything went fine until they had to pay.Guess how much they were asked to pay! Rs.300? Rs.400??Nah! It's Rs.755 for 3 masala dosas.Only because they were “FIRANGIS” (Foreigners).And it’s not just them. Many people face these kind of situations.This is what is wrong with India.People always try to find ways to cheat others. (Not everyone does, but many do)In our country, many good people don't deserve what they go through. This is just an example.You can find their YouTube channel here: Nile BrothersVikray's video : Helping Him Sending His Sisters To School *emotional**Sorry for grammatical errors (if any)
How is India changing under Modi government?
One of my uncles works in the PwD and he told me about a new Govt Project that was going to start in Assam. (I don’t clearly remember what that project was.)He told me that this project was going to be completed in just two years. I told him I didn’t believe him. Because there was an ongoing project of building a bridge over Brahmaputra called Bogibeel which was announced in 2022 and was not even completed by Dec ‘16. (that’s 14 years!)But, then my uncle interrupted and he said that earlier politicians would make a project available for the public after a few years from its official announcement even if the project was finished much earlier. This was mostly because they would get an extra amount of money if it was launched later, because the estimated worth of machinery and human resources would grow in the meantime. As the project was finished earlier, the cost was not as high as it would show up in the final budget. So the corrupt politicians, contractors and officers would later share this money which came for the development of the project.NOTE: One other Brahmaputra Bridge ‘Kolia Bhomora Bridge• was required to be completed within 135 days and needed deployment of machinery worth Rs.11 Crores for the work. The actual time of completion of was around 6 years (1981 to 1987). And the cost is estimated to be around 73.5 Crores in that time!Now Modi Govt. has made it clear with reinforcement in law that if someone delays their work they’d be paid less. As the cost of loss due to incompletion of the project was subtracted from the budget of the project along with some tax. So now if people delay their works there’d be pay cuts.So this might be the reason why Govt. takes a lot lesser time than earlier to complete a project now.1)Kalia Bhomora Bridge, connecting Kaliabor And Bhomoraguri of Tezpur.2)The on-going Bogibeel Bridge Project.
How badass was Indira Gandhi?
Oh she was badass as hell, let me list some of her totally badass actsHer Dad wanted her to stay away from Congress Party leadership, but she was so badass that she became a Congress Party President in 1959 by manipulating her supporters without the knowledge of her Dad. Daddykins was like zapped, I mean• so flummoxed by her sudden election that he got her removed next year and kept her grounded for next five years. As long as he was alive, he didn’t let her stand again. But badass Indira Gandhi had her way later after his death, well!After her Dad’s death, Shastriji came to power, but poor chap got killed (perhaps murdered) in Tashkent within two years, God knows how. Badass Indira had no role in his death, presumably. I am not saying that at all, hold your horses.After death of Shastriji, the Congress President, Kamraj, was cajoled by her to get herself declared as the PM candidate in lieu of the candidature of Morarji Desai who was a more experienced person. Indira was so badass that as soon as she bacame the PM, she got her benefactor, Kamraj, removed from Congress Leadership, and split the party to form a new one called Congress (Indira). Imagine a whole party named after herself! Kamraj was left hanging to his pitiable portion. Poor Kamraj and badass Indira Gandhi! Guess who won that battle.In the 1969 elections for President of India, she supported a rebel candidate V. V. Giri, against her own party’s official candidate, so badass, that she filled Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy’s nomination papers, but then got him defeated, ensuring that her personal favorite, VV Giri, became the President by a narrow margin. Grand old party’s candidate lost despite the party being in power. To gain leadership of the party, she nationalised banks and got lot of ground support, she knew how to play her cards well.So badass that after defeating Pakistan, she gave away 93,000 POWs to Pakistan without any concession from the Pakistanis, perhaps because Bhutto had been her college mate in England once. The war was won on the field but given up on paper. But well, she had won the war, didn’t she! And split Pakistan, let us grant her that.. That was a totally awesome action.So badass that she suspended the very democracy that her father had created with great pain and hard-work over a period of 17 years, she destroyed all institutions created by him, heck, she imprisoned all opposition leaders, many top-notch journalists and even got her action okayed by a Supreme Court judge called Chandrachud. Now, that’s what was so badass about her, she and her son kicked ass all around India during her years of dictatorship, forced sterilisations, communalisation, corruption, you name the beast - they rode it. Pity, that her intelligence agencies convinced her she would win an election if she held one, she got fooled there, but then she had her fun while she was riding the tiger.So badass that she pushed her widowed daughter-in-law, Menaka Gandhi, out of the PM’s bungalow in the midde of the night and threw her goods on the footpath in front of the PM’s bungalow. Now that’s what is being really kickass too, I say! Which female would do that to another female, and that too the widow of her son. She could have waited till morning, but did she? Naah!So badass that in order to foment conflict amongst Sikh clergy, she got her son, Sanjay Gandhi, to interview some other badass clergy, Bhindrawale was selected by Sanjay and we all know how he played out of her hands. She was so badass that she then ordered destruction of a Sikh temple - Akal Takht - to take out her own protegy, and so ironic that she got killed by people who were on revenge mode over that issue. Badass Karma, I say!So badass that she enouraged formation of Tamil militia in Sri Lanka to foment trouble in that small island nation, with training support and all paraphernelia. Her badass son, Rajiv thereafter went after the Tamil militia to kill them when they got out of hand. But badass Karma again, I say, he got killed by the same militia that her mother had sown.She was damn badass, I say…. she really kicked ass and got kicked too.Postscript:- Thanks Sayak Biswas for adding another story of her kickass style - She was so badass that she ordered Indian Air Force bombing of Indian citizens in Aizawl in 1966 - Link for the doubting thomases Indira Gandhi ordered IAF to drop bombs in IndiaUpdate
What are your thoughts on death of more than 70 children due to lack of Oxygen in Gorakhpur hospital under the BJP government?
I really did not want to answer this question because I felt I had nothing new to offer apart from the other great answers here.But then today morning I opened the Hindu and saw this.Now, I am not what you would call a crying man. Visible emotions don’t come quickly to me even though I would be torn from the inside. But this photograph made me shed a tear. And then I saw the video of this same woman in a news channel clip. She was walking out the hospital gates crying helplessly all the while with the angst of a woman who doesn’t understand why this happened to her child and what she did to deserve this.She repeatedly kissed the dead body and rode pillion with someone, most probably her husband, all the way back to her home.I cried, okay. I cried.It is easy to forget the pain of a mother and a father in the midst of all the political blame games and scapegoatings of hospital officials. It is easy for the media to run 24x7 coverage of this issue (although some of them are grossly guilty of not giving the tragedy the attention it deserves) and get politicians and ‘experts• to comment on the pathetic of state of medical affairs of India’s socio-economically backward areas and wreak havoc demanding resignations and suspensions.But will that bring back the lives lost? Will apologies and some money bring back dead babies? The newspaper said 63 children lost their lives. I turned on the news channel and 3 more children died today. What is this insanity? Why aren’t they able to stop the deaths? These were not sudden incidents were all of them died within a span of hours. These deaths happened over a period of four long days! I am sorry, I am not an expert and I don’t understand medical protocols and procedures but this to me looks absolutely inexcusable. I just cannot understand why the death toll continues to pile up.And to listen to the Chief Minister still maintain that the deaths were not due to oxygen loss but due to Japanese encephalitis is so disheartening. Sir, please maintain some grace. People in the state look up to you. Accepting mistakes and correcting them is how good governance works. The company that supplied oxygen to the hospital sent multiple notices about the payment of dues amounting to 70-odd lakhs and both the hospital and the government turned a deaf ear. Of course, no one did that with malicious intent, they were just being negligent. But after a certain point, such negligence becomes criminal.And I didn’t want to say this but I have to. The UP government in its budget for this fiscal year allocated 40 Crores for the the “besahara pashu” (stray cows). Perhaps they should have given equal consideration to human life.Such incidents expose the gross reality of our nation. A global superpower in the making, foreign investments piling up, economy on the up-tide and what not. Sadly, growth isn’t development and when the nation gets rich but its people still remain poor and are dying because they couldn’t receive something as basic as healthcare, it is a textbook case of a plutocratic governance because sure enough, no rich person’s child will ever die because his 7-star rated hospital doesn’t have enough oxygen.I am disgusted, saddened and disturbed by this news. This should not happen in a nation like India. We don’t hear these things from even the poorest nations in the world. If we can’t ensure basic healthcare to our citizens, all this ‘development• and economic growth will be useless and only contribute to growing income and wealth inequality, which means more such tragedies.Edit: 7 more children die. The toll is 74. I can't even. The CM still says the deaths aren't due to lack of oxygen.
Is the U.S. immune to invasion?
I’m going to take away nukes.Also, for sake of argument, let’s assume that the entire worlds military forces have teamed up to defeat the United States of America.If you look at the US geographically, we’re pretty isolated.Now, you have to get people there.Purely from a geographical standpoint we’re already untouchable. The UK has a pretty impressive moat around their country that for centuries has proven to be difficult to cross.The US has two oceans serving as our moat.Okay, it’s going to be crazy hard to get there by boat or plane. How about by land?They got two options. Either come up from South America and try to get through Mexico.Which, by the way has a lot of this:Or, you could come through Alaska and Greenland. Which looks like this:So we’re clearly not going through Alaska. Plus it’s way too big. (Read: Don’t invade Russia in Winter but extend the distance by 1,500 miles and it’s always winter.)Mexico is their only chance.Okay, it’d be crazy hard by land too.We assumed that the world had teamed up it’s forces. That means they at least get Canada as a jumping off point.Suddenly, the supposed joint forces of the world can now garrison in Eastern Canada and avoid the harsh landscapes of Greenland.Plus, they’re close to the United States power centers (DC).Now that the rest of the world has a place to invade from. We have to consider the military strengths.Here’s a few good visuals.Even with the Canada advantage, the United States military far outweighs that of the entire world combined.At first glace, yes, it seems as if the the US is un-invadeable.However, this was a very simple analysis of military strategery.No country is un-invadeable. It’s just immensely complicated and condition based.
How do I apply for a Schengen visa in the USA as an Indian?
Choose a country you want to visit , and apply for a tourist visa. Pls note if you are on B1/B2 visa then you should apply from your home country and you should avoid applying from usa.
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