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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How long do you have to report a death to social security

Instructions and Help about How long do you have to report a death to social security

Welcome again my friends to another edition of the heritage wealth planning YouTube channel today's gonna be a follow-up on the other episodes we've been talking about about social security I'm linking to them there that's why I'm doing that this can be about survivor benefits though as opposed to what we talked about last time which is spousal benefits and then we talked about before just taking your own benefit with PIAA and a IM ii and all the various acronym ins that go with Social Security survivor benefits is a whole different animal and like the other benefits that you can apply for you need to understand it and it's not an easy thing to do it's complex and I highly suggest you take some time to research this because once you do it in this day and age is awful hard to go back and fix it so scared to give some leeway there but that's changing all the time so what happened was a 2022 President Obama signed this new rules on Social Security which we talked about before and that did change some of the the restrictions on spousal benefits of what not it didn't really have anything to do with survivor benefits though so just gotta be clear survivor benefits are different than spousal benefits which are different than your own benefit a survivor benefit simply means I die my surviving spouse can get the greater of my benefit that I was getting at my death or her own benefit that she was getting when I died she can get the greater of those two she can't get more than either of those but she can't get less she can get the greater of both of those that's what a survivor benefit is now unlike a spousal benefit where the spouse can get the greater of her and I'm just using her exam again a gene and we talked about Jane her benefit or 50% of her spouses PIAA in primary insurance amount his benefit a spousal benefit is a greater for her benefit or 50% of her spouses primary insurance amount a survivor is a greater greater of her own benefit or the benefit that they survive that the deceased spouse was getting when he died so two completely different things there you gotta understand the difference now with that said there is tricks of this that I wasn't even aware of about survivor benefits until just a couple weeks ago and well I guess about a month or so ago so let me move myself out the way on a survivor benefit if the deceased spouse took his benefit before he hit full retirement age there is a rule in this the Social Security code which is right here that you can that link to that talks about the maximum a surviving spouse can get is either eighty two and a half percent of the deceased spouse's PIAA primary insurance amount.

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