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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can you report a death to social security online

Instructions and Help about Can you report a death to social security online

Not long ago the Social Security Administration was called under paying nearly 10,000 individuals the survivor benefits they were rightly entitled to receive this amounted to over a hundred and thirty million dollars in benefits how could this happen well the report placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Social Security Administration but the truth is it happened because the individuals who are receiving these benefits didn't fully understand how to calculate them and know what they were even supposed to be receiving so in today's video I want to give you a crash course on Social Security survivor benefits so the same thing won't happen to you let's dive in Music so we're about to take a deep dive into Social Security survivor benefits but before I fill up your mind with all of that information I want to remind you of a couple of things number one if you want to see more videos on Social Security and then just retirement planning topics in general subscribe to my channel and be sure to hit the notification bell that way every time I produce a new video you'll see it pop up in a notification second download the blueprint guide to my best-selling Amazon book social security basics this guy that you'll download is the distilled version of that book and really the best part is it's free it covers all of the social security basics including the one we're talking about today there's a link in the description so be sure to check that out you know social security survivors benefits might be the one thing about Social Security that I can give a simple answer to it goes like this at the death of the first spouse surviving spouses are entitled to receive the higher of their own monthly benefit or the monthly benefit of the deceased now that's the clean and straightforward answer but of course it's not quite that simple in real life so I want to go into the nuances of how the benefit is calculated but first before we get there we need to know who is entitled to receive these benefits there are three types of individuals who are eligible to receive these benefits one surviving spouses two farmer spouses and three children of the deceased person so for the purposes of this video I want to concentrate on the benefits that surviving and former spouses are entitled to but no conversation about survivor benefits would be complete without at least mentioning the benefits available to children when I check the guide for 2022 children receive somewhere around 30% of all survivor benefits so an eligible child is one who is unmarried younger than 18 or up to 19 if they're still in school or any age if they have a disability that began before they turn 22 so then now let's look at the eligibility criteria for spouses which is where I want to spend the remainder of.

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