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What happens when an American citizen gives birth abroad? What nationality would the baby belong to?
A child born to one or both US citizen parents abroad is NOT automatically a US citizen. The child has automatic acceptance as a natural born citizen if, and only if, registered with the nearest US consulate. There is a form to be filed for registration of the birth. Submit that form and the child is automatically approved as a US citizen by birth.Fail to submit that form and the child isn’t a US citizen. Having at least one US citizen as a parent is a huge advantage if the child applies later in life, but after the deadline for the form has past it’s no longer automatic.Most US citizens register their foreign born children, but not all do so.As to citizenship in the other country, the rules of that other country apply. Not all countries give automatic citizenship by birth in their territory. I don’t even think most countries have that rule. Also if one or both parents have citizenship in the country, most countries allow a child to be registered at birth as a citizen.This leaves the possibility that neither parent is a citizen of the country the child is born in. Fail to file that form at the US consulate and it’s possible for that child to be a person with no country.Dual citizenship rules vary by country to country as well. US rules about dual citizenship are not well enforced so even if it breaks the US rules people can end up dual citizenship. US rules generally allow dual citizenship by birth, with certain events triggering a need to chose. Again, those rules aren’t well enforced.
My father an American citizen. He is moving to Indonesia to retire. We are having trouble figuring out how to bank there and access his life savings. What is the best way to do this when living abroad?
Just a suggestion, but perhaps you can contact a U.S. Bank that has an office in Indonesia. If your bank has a “corresponding bank” in Indonesia, that too should be helpful. Keep in mind that numerous foreign banks have operated in SE Asia for many years. I lived in Malaysia for 14 years and never had any difficulties regarding banks. Actually, I found that bank employees in SE Asia appear to be more knowledgeable with international banking than U.S. or Canadian ones. I’m Canadian and I also lived in the USA for 20 years, so I’ve been exposed to all of them for both business and personal banking.A note of caution, Indonesia has a reputation for “dirty” dealing, particularly when L/C‘s and large sums of cash are involved. It’s a very corrupt country.If your father plans on bringing his life savings with him, I would strongly recommend that he consider banking in Singapore for his main cash holdings, transactions etc., and just have the bank you choose there (in Singapore) transfer only the funds you require for each month or quarter etc. Singapore has very strict laws and very little corruption, if any, and your banking requirements would be very safe. Singapore is virtually next door to Indonesia and even big business Indonesians do the majority of their banking there!The following is unrelated to your question, Actually, in all my years (I’m also retired now) I have never met anyone who wanted to retire in Indonesia. Philippines yes, Thailand yes, and also Vietnam. All three have beautiful landscapes, beaches and are very inexpensive to live in. The people are very friendly and English is widely spoken. In fact just recently, I have been thinking about relocating to either Chang Mai in Thailand or Cebu in the Philippines. “All” of these countries cities are crowded, busy and hot, but for some reason loved living there!Sorry for the long-winded message! Best regards and please send my “good luck” wishes to your Dad.
What happens if an American citizen living abroad does not pay US taxes?
Nothing. Yet. Boy, is that ever going to change. Starting in 2021. they’re rolling out a test run on an unspecified but small number of American citizens living abroad who haven’t been reporting and paying their taxes. These letters will be about their liabilities since 2021. Presumably this means that sometime in 2021 or 2021 they’ll have worked out all the kinks in the system and then get going hell bent on the poor sods who have not yet filed.How are they finding them? It’s your bank accounts in the foreign countries. If the balance exceeded $50K for even one day AND they know you are American, then surprise! The IRS does know you’re out there and they’re wondering why you haven’t filed. The bank knows your American if you used an American passport to open the account or if your foreign passport shows a US city as your place of birth. They started this process (called “FATCA”) when it became law in 2021 but it takes an awful long time to implement an entirely new branch of bureaucracy. This bureaucracy first had to get the banks to report it. That took three years. Then the IRS had to process all that information. That took another three years.There are several programmes under which you can come clean. The most draconian is the OVDP one. Most of my clients opt for one of the two Streamlined options and a few are better off with “quiet disclosure” which only works when it is accompanied by a letter Requesting Waiver of Penalties Under Reasonable Cause. Whichever way you opt to come forward, having someone else review what you have done before you post it to the IRS or e-file it is a wise move.
What happens when Robin Arryn finds out Littlefinger is killed?
On the TV show?We will never know.The TV series has moved past the point of the political games and on to a direct war to remove the two threats to Westeros: The White Walkers and Queen Cersei. There are no politics anymore and the killing of Littlefinger, who was the prime example of the political game, was the signal that this part of the story is over.The remaining six episodes are about the war to save human kind. There will be no scene in which Sweetrobin is informed that his father in law was executed.And, from an in-world point of view, the knights and lords of the Vale have already pledged to the King in the North. They didn’t take orders anymore from Littlefinger as their regent. Further, it would be in their best interest to not send news back to the Vale about Littlefinger’s execution, specifically because it would be talking about the elephant in the room: they no longer pledge loyalty to the Warden of the Vale.
What happens when you fill a petrol car with diesel? What is the solution if such an incident happened?
If the car isn’t running, nothing happens. If you realize you’ve done this before starting the car, leave it off. Have it towed to the repair shop of your choice. They’ll drain the tank, probably replace the fuel filters, maybe clean or replace the fuel lines, and you’re good to go.If the car is running, you’ve got problems. Gas will burn in a diesel, but it burns a lot hotter and the flash point is a lot lower. Fuel system has to be completely flushed, obviously. Your fuel pump will have to be replaced. You may have melted your glow plugs, which would require extensive cylinder head work. You may have washed the lubricant out of the cylinders, which could cause your piston rings to weld themselves to the cylinder walls. You may have broken your connecting rods and or valves and valve springs. The newer the car, the higher the fuel system pressure and the higher the fuel system pressure, the better the chances that you just destroyed your engine.Diesels are tough, but the diesel engines in street cars are much more highly tuned and sensitive to the flash point of the fuel than the diesels in military and construction vehicles - too much kerosene is enough to do damage (most diesel is cut with kerosene), and kerosene has a much higher flash point than gasoline.
You are convicted of murder, serve 30 years for killing a man whose body was never found. Then the man shows up and you kill him. What would happen?
You’d be charged with murder a second time. This was pretty much the exact plot of the execrable book and film Double Jeopardy which completely destroyed any resemblance to real jurisprudence for the sake of a soap-opera plot.The first trial was for a crime committed against a supposed victim at a specific time and location, and in a specific manner, which the jury or judge believed was proven beyond a reasonable doubt.The second trial would be for a crime committed against the same person, but at a different time, location, and (presumably) different manner. Even two of those three elements being different would defeat any claim of double jeopardy.That said, if you’re still in prison for the first murder, you have a pretty solid appeal on the grounds of impossibility, based on the new evidence of the person not being killed in the first place. But if you killed them a “second time” then you’re still guilty of murder and still likely to get the same sentence.
What happens if an innocent is killed when someone tries to kill a mass shooter?
This depends largely on the specific circumstances, the laws of the state, and the political climate.It should be noted that your question and scenario don't really match up. In the scenario, the store owner is trying to stop a robber, not a mass shooter. I think this is important. If someone stops a mass shooter, I can't imagine it being politically beneficial to prosecute that person, even if someone else was shot. Not only did they avert a major tragedy but it's easy to argue that the bystander was no worse off than if the shooter had been allowed to continue and shoot said bystander quite intentionally.In a robbery, it's a bit different. While many states allow you to kill a robber, you arguably have an ethical duty, if not always a legal one, to put the lives of those around you above a piece of property. I'm pretty sure that in some states this would be a crime whereas in others you would be fine. It's also worth noting that there are plenty of cases of police accidentally shooting bystanders while attempting to bring down a criminal.However, be aware that criminal and civil liability are not the same thing. Just because you don't get charged does not mean that you won't get sued.
As a Trump supporter, when do you expect China to surrender in the trade war?
As I see it Trump is like a walking contradiction.American politics in general have always been an advocate of ‘free market’.In a ‘free market‡ per definition the prices are only set by the law of price and demand of all the participants. American multinationals of course figured out if they outsourced most of the production to foreign countries (for instance China), they could cut on production cost (especially labor cost), while increasing their profit margin. The downside was many American laborers and even part of the middle class lost their jobs and saw their income reduced or are now doing jobs for lower wages with less social security. For China, who had manual laborers a plenty it was a golden opportunity: suddenly all these foreign multinationals came in who offered low wages, but still something was better than nothing.By the way: also Trump produced his Trump apparel line in China. Produced at low cost in China, sold with a high mark up in Trump Towers.Ironically, with Trump now being in the role of a politician, under pressure of large part of the population who are tons in debt,now wants to restrict ‘free market‡ by imposing all kinds of taxes on import, thus essentially restricting ‘free market’.All though Trump likes to act like an American patriot, American multinationals are far from ‘patriots’: they are business people, not politicians. And in the business world basically only the law how much something costs to produce versus the profit of sale is of importance. So, if American multinationals can produce cheaper in China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, ‡ or any other part of the world they will do so. After all, USA-politics was all about ‘free market’.But now the USA is becoming a victim of it’s own policies, with American multinationals cashing in big which is good for the stock market and the shareholders, somewhere along the line this policy was ignorant for the fact many American laborers and even part of the middle class in the USA lost their jobs and are now in tons of debt or are working in jobs in which they have little to none security, like driving for Uber or delivering pizzas. And those higher up the scale with better education are mostly tons in debt by the time they graduate.Can one ‘blame‡ any of these foreign countries who were happy to see foreign business come in or should one ‘blame‡ the American politics who acted more in favor of these multinationals than the general American public? After all, those who are tons in debt have no equity in the stock market, so rising stock market prices only favor those who have equity in the stock market. This is beyond any doubt the major concern of Trump: stock prices need to go up, so especially the establishment who owns most of the stock gets even richer.The result being that wealth distribution continues to decrease between the have’s and the have nots.Will American manual laborers be prepared to work at the cost of Chinese manual laborers to return business production to the USA? Or should one rather question the huge markups multinationals had, producing dirt cheap abroad but still selling their production with huge markups.Take Apple for an example: the price it costs to produce an I-Phone (mostly produced in China by the way) versus the price it is being sold is simply stupefying. Or rather consumers are stupid to pay such an elevated price for something which costs not even half to produce.China has come a long way and increased their wealth, with a stronger middle class by now and what most people don’t know China also is a creditor to the USA, meaning: China holds partially the debt of the USA. The USA is tons in debt, mostly caused by waging wars around the world, a huge spending on the military and the weapons industry, while their own multinationals mostly produced abroad and parked a large sum of their profits in tax havens.Only the shareholders of these companies profited from this way of doing business, but not average American Joe. Take Detroit for instance, once a busy haven of car production, which is now a wasteland and even in the top 100 list of most dangerous in the world to live in when it comes to murder per capita.China is of course still dependent on foreign business coming in to feed their huge workforce of manual laborers, but they have come a long way already, with a middle class who has by now the means of actually buying the products they produce for foreign multinationals. China also has a high quality and very demanding educational system excelling at math, science and business. And their students compared to the US are in general NOT tons in debt by the time they graduate.Trump is desperately trying to avoid China will become the new and biggest economy in the world. And Europeans in general who disliked the arrogant style of Trump to begin with are more open for talks with China than Trump. There might be a shift of power balance in which Europe forms an alliance with China, rather than with Trump. Chinese migrants have spread in many countries of Europe and in general Europeans get along well with the Chinese. Unlike with some muslim migrants and religious quarrels being the result, Europeans in general never had any trouble with the Chinese, so Europeans in general favor more the Chinese than the arrogance of Americans like Trump. A man who by the way even had to bribe a pornstar to not endanger his chance for election.And let’s face it: Trump his wealth is mostly the result of inheriting tons of money from his father (estimated at more than $ 400 million in a recent article of the New York Times) , so it’s mostly not his own merit (although of course he likes to portray himself as some kind of self-made genius, while in fact he was near bankrupt in the late eighties due to to some shady casino deals in Atlantic City, had his father not saved him).If anything, and having a formal education in psychology myself, I would rather describe him as a narcissist, who per definition are all grandeur delusional. The dangerous part is: a narcissist believes his own delusions and can indeed come across as very convincing and manipulative. Even a large part of Trump’s own administration walked out or is fired by now.In short: Trump and American politics in general who always favored ‘free market‡ are basically the ones to blame for the predicament they are in now. American multinationals were able to produce dirt cheap abroad, sell with huge markups, increase their stock prices because more profit was coming in, but somewhere along the line American politicians forgot if you outsource your means of production, suddenly your work force and middle class will get poorer and will start to generate huge amounts of debt. The USA is now a nation of debt, and being in debt means you owe someone else and are being owned by someone else. China in fact holds a large amount of the debt created by the USA. It was also not China which started a financial crisis in 2021. when American banks greedy as they were took all kinds of ridiculous bets, eventually dragging the global financial system in a deep crisis. European institutions have not forgotten this, so if anything they will be more willing to deal with the Chinese than with the USA. Not even one of these CEO’s of American financial institutions was even sent to prison for gross negligence and misconduct, so that is far more than proof who is really in charge of the USA: it’s Wall Street and not Main Street.Even Trump in the latest year of his presidency increased debt in the USA by 6,7 % to GDP. No country who keeps on increasing it’s debt, while the wealth distributing goes mainly to the establishment can survive in the long run. Class wars will be the result of those left with nothing but debt, versus those who reeked in most of the profits.To some extent this is already happening right now in the USA. Four cities in the USA (Detroit, New Orleans, St-Louis and Baltimore) are in the top 50 of most dangerous cities in the world to live in when it comes to murder per capita.The USA favors the profits of the weapons and gun industry, causing massive casualties each year on their own soil, rather than the safety of their own public.Statistically the number of Americans killed abroad is next to nothing compared to all gun related casualties on their own soil.The American Dream is so nice to many, there’s even a drug epidemic of both legally prescribed painkillers, opioids, antidepressants and illegal drugs like cocaïne, crack and heroin.Wealth distribution keeps on increasing between the have’s and have not’s. Trump even signed out of environmental protection, while in general the world is becoming more and more aware profit in the long run means NOTHING if you live in a totally polluted environment.And although Trump likes to parade with stock prices going up, how many American citizens actually benefit from this: more than half of the population of the USA doesn’t even own stocks, not because they want to, but if you are already in tons of debt buying stocks isn’t an option. And even further increasing debt like Trump does, surely ain’t the way to go for a country which is already knee deep in debt. The USA has already lost the trade war, but denial prevails.And they lost these trade wars, not because China is to ‘blame‡ or some other foreign country‡ the irony is they lost it because American politicians favored American multinationals with the credo ‘free market‡ allowing them to produce practically anywhere they wanted, pay as less tax as possible, produce dirt cheap abroad, fire American workers on their own soil and still sell with a huge mark up. Think of that, next time you buy for instance an Apple folks.The American elections are sponsored mainly by American multinationals and the establishment. American presidents need tons of money for their election campaigns and companies are eager to prthis both to Republicans and Democrats. So, let’s think for a second here: once these Presidents are elected whose interests do you think they will serve: the need of someone on the bottom of the ladder who contributed nothing to a Presidential election campaign OR the interests of the companies who sponsored these elections. Think twice, you do not need to be so smart to figure this one out. But of course any Presidential candidate at least needs to give the impression getting elected will be good for the general public, while in fact it will be mostly to the benefit of those who provided the sponsor money.I’m a European by the way and I bought a Huawei. I’m just as happy with it, paid far less than for an Apple and why would I be so stupid to buy an Apple of which most of it is not being produced in the USA anyway, but still being sold over twice the price of what it actually costs to produce it.That’s why the stock price of Apple is so high: not because the amount of units being sold has increased so much, but because they have a huge mark up between the cost of producing (mostly in China) and the price of sale. Apple CEO Tim Cook is laughing all his way to the bank at the expense of American laborers. That’s why of course Apple was the first to complain on these ‘import‡ taxes: they wanna keep that high mark-up, producing dirt cheap abroad.Huawei is very popular in Europe, it has beaten Apple already in terms of sales.And besides, in general Europeans prefer Asian food instead of American food. One gets less obese by eating proper Asian than American food.The real reason why so many Americans are obese isn’t of course because they are so rich they can afford to eat all day, the reason why so many Americans are obese is because many can only afford junk food with a Coke, rich in fat and sugar so it would be filling but with little or no nutrition.Those applauding the tariffs of Trump also fail to think ahead: if a multinational is faced with higher taxes for import from some countries (in this case China), they can easily either relocate their production facilities (for instance switch from China to another country with cheap production means where there aren’t any import tariffs) OR simply elevate the prices for consumers of their products.So, what I’m saying is: in the end it’s the American consumer of these imported goods who will be faced with higher prices (thus eventually average American Joe who buys for instance a laptop or a jeans which are mostly produced in Asian countries will now be paying more (as multinationals will elevate the prices to keep their profits).It’s more than clear Trump has a beef specifically with China, but all the while ignoring the simple fact American politics facilitated American multinationals to produce anywhere, pay as less taxes as possible, fire American workers for cheaper ones abroad and clearly Trump is not willing to do anything about this otherwise he would simply raise import taxes on anything which is produced abroad.He is a businessman after all, but wants to make it ‘look good‡ or ‘patriotic‡ for those who elected him. It’s a common strategy: all through history when America didn’t look all that ‘great’, they needed a foreign scapegoat: now it’s China and who’s next? And the more ‘foreign‡ scapegoats you have, the more Trump can justify spending ridiculous amounts on the military and weapons industry and keep on increasing debt. The military complex applaud each time an American politician, instead of facing and addressing the serious internal structural problems of the USA, point the finger towards a foreign ‘enemy’.Somewhere, the USA never escaped this psychology of the cowboys vs the indians. Only later in history as you grow up you learn the cowboys were the invaders and not the indians. The cowboys mostly slaughtered the indians and finally put them in ‘reservations’. Of course some people never learn the cowboys were actually the invaders, they prefer to think they are the ‘good guys‡ and the foreigner is the ‘bad guy’.Go China ! I prefer a decent Chinese meal with lots of veggies to Mc Donald’s or a ‘hot dog‡ any day.
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