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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Death certificate international

Instructions and Help about Death certificate international

Welcome to tech sever this video is intended for medical certifiers on death certificates in this video we will learn how to accurately complete cause of death data entry let's get started after logging in begin by clicking on the death tab this will take us to the death module of tech sever on this screen select functions and then click medical data entry to select the record you want to work on click the unresolved work queue filter select the record this screen tells you that you have been designated to medically certify this record if this is not your patient you may reject the record you must explain why you are rejecting the record click accept to begin entering information we will start with medical tab one-click medical tab 1 on the left side of the screen first we will verify that the decedent's name is correct if a medical record number or a medical examiner's case number is available enter those into their fields next verify that your name title address and license number are correct finally verify that the date and time of death are accurate when selecting time of death types select between actual presumed and estimated times of death if a decedent was found and the time of death is unknown select found on to indicate the date and time the body was found finally click Save move on to medical tab to medical tab 2 is where we enter a cause of death information and is extremely important please take your time on the screen as this data plays a significant role in public health the cause of death is based on your best medical opinion we begin with cause of death part 1 in box a we will enter the immediate cause of death this is the final disease or condition resulting in death to the right of box a enter the approximate interval or onset to death if the cause of death will take longer than 5 days to determine enter pending in Box B we will enter what caused the condition in box a to the right of box B we will enter the approximate interval in box C we will enter what causes the condition in Box B to the right of box C enter the approximate interval in box D we will enter what causes the condition in box C to the right of box D enter the approximate interval in cause of death part 2 enter any other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying causes given in Part 1 do not enter terminal events such as cardiac arrest respiratory arrest or ventricular fibrillation in box a without explaining the conditions that led to those events in the following boxes we will then enter autopsy information if applicable was an autopsy performed if so were the autopsy findings available to help determine the cause of death next we move on to manner.

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